dirt's portfolio

check out all the weird photoshops i do in my spare time! maybe this will get me a job one day

discaimers: there are a lot of photoshops i made of myself. in weird places or situations. there is a lot of ofensive humor because im in middle school and find it funny. if you get offended easily then view at your own risk, you fragile retard. also im half iranian and all my immediate family is muslim, so keep that in mind when you see some racist memes. yes, i made all of these images myself. some are recreations of other things i have seen (which is just a polite way to say i stole the ideas for some of these), some are ideas donated by my friends, but most are things that i came up with.

context: i made this when my friend came out as pansexual

context: hmamster

context: this is a half reference to an internet historian video of a dramatic reading of a sonic HS fanfiction.

this is an alternate version of the previous image that my steam friend gifted me a copy of ultrakill for. nothing is wrong w/ being gay btw, we are very progressive here at dirt.cool. disregaurd photoshops of me in a ww2 gas chamber.

context: this is a reference to a TF2 short film. this is my copy of someone elses better version of this same card.